I’d like to welcome you to my website. My goal is to help people wanting to learn about the Vegan lifestyle as well as exchanging information and tips about it as well. I also want this site to be for experienced Vegans and Vegan Athletes as well, so we can learn from each other. A lot of health problems can be prevented and possibly reversed by eating and exercising properly and allowing the body to heal itself. The food we eat becomes the fuel for our bodies.


I have been a Vegan, for many years now. I am 58 years old, so I have been around a while, and thanks to this wonderful plant based lifestyle I hope to be around a lot more healthy years. I also keep myself fit, which I think is also very important. I lift weights and do cardio and stretching, which is the way to complete fitness for the body. I also love bodybuilding and I have a lot of knowledge I would love to share. I’ve seen too many of my family and friends lives cut short, I believe as a direct result of eating the wrong foods and having no exercise in their life. So come along with me as we take a journey to learn more about feeding our body only whole food plant based meals to achieve a healthier new you. You will not regret it.

Bad food habits

Many people are suffering with so many health problems. And most of these problems are the result of eating unhealthy foods and our bad habits. I see many of my family also suffering and gaining excess weight as a result of eating these same foods and doing no exercise. I’ve been trying to find a way that I could help people that want to learn. I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years about plant based nutrition and fitness, and I am constantly trying to learn more, so I believe I can help you. Please give me a chance.

I would like to share knowledge I have about this wonderful wholefood plant based diet and any knowledge I have about fitness and help as many people as I can in the process.

All the best                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bill                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bill@veganhealthynow.com


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  1. Hi Bill,
    This is Mike, the guy you met in Costco. Great start on the website. Keep adding content. Also, have you thought of being a lifestyle vegan coach? Your knowledge of exercise and veganism would make you a perfect candidate for becoming a healthy living coach. I found you to be knowledgeable and easy to talk to. One thing I’ve been thinking of doing is getting a certification in plant based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. You should look into it, too, as it would give you a jump start towards becoming a coach and offer more credibility for your website. I don’t have any affiliation to that school, but just think it is a good certification to have if your serious about taking your website to the next level. Also, consider doing some YouTube videos. You have a great presence and an easy going, none confrontational way of getting the benefits of a whole foods, plant based diet across. Best of luck and I’ll check back regularly to see how your site is doing. Happy New Year! Mike

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate the kind words and also your words of wisdom.
      It was great to meet someone else that also has a great passion for this too.

      I have also thought about getting certified at the Cornell University T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.
      I am constantly trying to learn more about this wonderful plant based lifestyle. If you decide to do it, let me know what you think.
      As far as YouTube, my daughter has suggested that I make some videos also. So only time will tell.

      I hope you tried some of Dr. Michael Greger’s recipes in “How Not To Die Cookbook,” currently we tried about 5 recipes and every one was fantastic.

      Please do check back regularly Mike, and also please share some of your great wisdom and tips.

      Happy New Year to you and your family!

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