Can You Be A Vegan Athlete

You are or want to be an athlete, and wondering if you can be a vegan athlete.  You will find out in this post.

Many people think a vegan diet is not adequate for daily living, let alone for an athlete. But it has been proven wrong many, many times.

What is an athlete?

When I think of an athlete, I think of someone who is incredibly fit. A vegan athlete is a very fit vegan. Not all vegans are athletes.

Can You Be A Vegan Athlete

How do you get fit? You get fit by exercising. When you exercise you need a diet that provides you with everything you need to recover from your workouts. And you can recover tremendously on one. So the answer is yes you can be a vegan athlete.

You just need to get the calories needed for the extra calories burned. You will find yourself eating more and that is perfectly normal. Never skip meals. Eat till comfortably full. Eat from the vegan 6 food groups, and you will be getting all you need.

Many athletes have noticed a quicker recovery when they went plant based. They also notice a higher energy level.

They both go hand in hand to make a healthier you, a whole food plant based lifestyle and exercise.

Are supplements needed ?

I find nothing wrong with supplementing if you want to, just make sure it is a good quality multi vitamin. There is some debate over this though, just as there is debate over just about everything.

I will say, I have gone without a vitamin supplement for years, and did not notice much difference. But I think of it as an insurance policy.

I would supplement with a vitamin B12 at least though.

It is never an excuse to miss meals, or go junk vegan though. It is only a supplement, and you should make sure to eat as whole food plant based as possible.

I also have tried vegan protein powders off and on though, they can be beneficial if you get a quality one. But I am more likely to use a vegan meal replacement for times when I am in a hurry, just to get a little nutrition and a few extra calories. They are very convenient that way. Make sure to find one that is whole food vegan based, and no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Stevia sweetened is fine.

Bad Food Results In A Bad Workout

I remember years ago going to a pizza shop and eating pizza without cheese, and thinking I was eating healthy, and then I would wonder why my strength and endurance was down. This is just an example how bad fuel for your body will affect performance. Sometimes your body will tolerate this for a while, but eventually it will catch up.

But over the years as I learned so much more about eating more whole food plant based meals, I very rarely have a down training day.

You will experience this too. Give your body real food, that is high octane food fuel {whole plant foods} made in nature not in a factory, and you will notice the difference. Your training energy will sky rocket, and your recovery will be quicker.

What is true fitness ?What Is True Fitness

True fitness is achieved by working out obviously. But to achieve this level of fitness you have to workout properly.

You need to be fit in three categories. They are Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility. You need to work at all three. You need to do this with a strategy though.

Everyone has a favorite, but you must prioritize all three and not just favor one. You should try to hit each one at least three times a week. You could do them all at once or separate. What I mean is, you could do strength training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then you could do your cardio Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You could also do everything the same day, but that means a longer workout. They both can work. But you decide. Base all of this on your energy level.

To a beginner, someone just starting out, and not very fit they could start with some slow walks and gradually increase the distance and the speed. And do some stretching after the walk. Only stretch when your body is warm, and that is after some exercise.

I like to do some flexibility after cardio on the same day, I also do a little after strength training.

You need to work with your body not against it. Depending on your current energy level, which can be different day to day, even hour to hour, you will discover how much exercise to do.

Should I Workout When Feeling Tired?

You may have a scheduled workout and not feel up to it, especially as a beginner. You could handle this a few different ways. You could still do an intense workout, but you could be at risk of a possible injury. Your body is telling you it needs a little more recovery time. Listen to your body. You could take that day off, or what I do, is still do my scheduled workout but with much less intensity. This could be called active recovery. That way in my mind I accomplished my workout, but still allowed my body the extra recovery it needed. You decide.

Missing A Workout

Do not ever be down about occasionally missing a workout. It happens, you are not going to fall apart. A lot of times you will come back with even more gusto. I do not mean missing frequently though, that is different. Because if you are missing a lot of workouts, then you are not building your body. You are like the weekend warriors. You also will be very sore after workouts like the weekend warriors, when you miss a lot of them.

Strive For Improvement

You want to strive for just a little improvement each workout. You will not always achieve this, but when you do pat yourself on the back. It is a great accomplishment.

Keep a notebook of your workouts, and write down exactly what you did that day. This way you can see your accomplishments. Also write down how you felt that day.

When you have a great workout, make note of it. Did you do anything different that day? Such as; had a great night sleep, did not miss meals or maybe tried a new delicious recipe that may have fueled you.

These notes can dramatically help you in the long run.

If any one ever asks, can you be a vegan athlete. You can confidently say “I am”.

No Gym NeededDo I Need To Go To The Gym

You do not need a gym membership to achieve your fitness goals. Unless of course you want too.

You can very easily achieve your fitness goals at home. That is what I currently do, and have been doing for quite some time now.

I have worked out in spas, hotels, gyms etc. and they do have their place for some people. But I always preferred my at home workouts.

For my strength workouts I currently do some weight training at home. Nothing fancy, just basic stuff. I have gotten some pretty awesome workouts using resistance bands and body weight alone too though.When I do my cardio, I mix running in place with going up and down stairs at my house most of the time. Sometimes I ride an exercise bike. Yes it can be that simple. What I like about it too is, your friends and neighbors never see you working out and wonder how you keep in such great shape. You become sort of a mystery!

For stretching I just do basic slow stretching, and hold each stretch for about 30 seconds each. That pretty much is all that is needed.

They can all be done from your mystery home gym.

Now go and start working out, and become a vegan athlete.

Till next time,

Have a wonderful healthy day





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