Can You Lose Weight Becoming Vegan

You want to lose weight. You tried diet after diet, and you lose some, but you gain it all back again.

You have goals that you made, but you never reach them.

You then give up or you put it off. But something triggers it again, such as you run into an old classmate, or you have a class reunion, or a family reunion.

You may have had a physical and your doctor says you need to lose some weight.

Here you go again!  You know you need to lose that extra weight. But the question is how?

What are you going to do this time?  You already tried so many different diets.

You have been down this road so many times but you keep failing.

You decide to try it again. But you are setting yourself up for failure.

People make the decision to try out a new diet for many reasons.

Some heard from a friend, others read about it online. Some are desperate and will try just about anything if it will solve their problem.

So if your problem is being overweight, then continue reading to find out if the vegan diet will help you.

Achieving Your Weightloss Goals With A Vegan DietCan You Lose Weight Becoming Vegan

When people ask me “can you lose weight becoming vegan” I ask them if that is the only reason that they would consider becoming one.

A lot of times they reply, “Yes, just until I lose weight.”

The problem with this way of thinking, the vegan diet is going to be like any other temporary diet. You will lose some, but as soon as you go back to eating the way you ate before, you are going to gain that weight, and sometimes even more back.

Lose the weight and keep it off

I’ve heard “I can’t give up my cheese, or pizza, or breads”. Some say they love meat too much, and can’t live without it.

Many current vegans used to think this way at the beginning too, but tried it anyways, and found in their vegan adventure foods that they liked so much that they never went back to animal foods.

Many overweight vegans, yes there are overweight vegans too, say they can’t give up all their processed foods and oils.

But if you make the decision to go vegan, you need to eat “whole food”. Food that is as close to nature as possible.

Do not consume oils. They are an isolated fat and are a lot of calories, and do not contain much of anything else. Get your fat from the whole food.

This alone will drastically reduce your calorie count, and you should see unwanted pounds starting to come off.

But if you want, and need to achieve your weightloss goals, and to maintain it, you will need to eat less calories permanently not just until you reach a goal. Because as soon as you start eating more calories again, you will start gaining.

Always read ingredients

Highly processed vegan food is not a good option. Some are loaded with chemicals, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) ingredients, oils, sugar, just to name a few bad ingredients. Food companies are very sly about how they name certain ingredients.

Keep in mind the first ingredient is what is mostly contained in it.

The manufacturers are also tricky about serving sizes. Make sure that you always look at the serving size too.

I will admit, these foods are convenient, but they are most definitely not optimum for your body.

You need to stick with whole foods such as whole grains like brown rice, and the many other whole grains out there, and starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, beans, lentils, and legumes. Eat some nuts and seeds for healthy fats, without oil.  Also eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Best Way To Prepare Our Cooked Food

How you prepare these whole foods is equally important.Oil Free Vegan Diet

Avoid oils as much as you can, as they are isolated fats. It is much better to eat the whole food. Instead of olive oil eat whole olives. Instead of coconut oil, eat the coconut. This way you are not consuming such concentrated fats, and you are also getting nutrients and fiber along with it.

Oil is almost all isolated fat. Each tablespoon is about 120 calories. Oil is in most processed foods. People cook with it. Restaurants use it constantly. Just 5 tablespoons is 600 calories, and some people including some vegans are consuming more than this in all their highly processed foods,  and fast foods that they eat.

We can easily eliminate oil from our cooking.

You can steam, or saute onions and vegetables with water or vegetable broth. Make your own oil free soups. They even have air fryers now, that fry with air using no oil. I haven’t tried them but I hear they work pretty good. I make my own tortilla chips by buying Wholefoods or Trader Joe’s oil free corn tortillas and bake them till crisp in the oven. They are great for oil free hummus and salsa.

Eliminating oil from your diet will not only cut your calorie intake big time, but will give your gallbladder a much-needed break.

Oil when heated turns to a damaging fat. You do not want to consume this. Get your healthy fats from whole foods instead.

So when you decide to go vegan,  stick mostly if not fully to whole foods not highly processed foods and stay away from eating oil, and yes you can lose that excess weight. But remember, to keep it off you need to eat less calories than before and make it a lifestyle, not just a temporary thing.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it now!

Thanks, Have a Great day!






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