Do Vegans Eat Nuts? – Let’s Get The Facts!

I think nuts have gotten a bad rap, and should be a part of a.healthy wholefood plant based diet.

Are Nuts Good For Me?

Do Vegans Eat Nuts

Nuts can be very good for you but, they are very calorie dense, so you need to adjust your consumption to your dietary needs.

If you are an extremely active vegan, then you can and should consume a healthy portion of them daily.

If you happen to be overweight, and need to cut calories, then only have a small handful a day.

By the end of this post,  if someone asks ” do vegans eat nuts” you will know, so just look them in the eye and say yes, of course they do.

Let’s get this straight though, if you are eating nuts that are highly processed, cooked in oil and coated with sugars and chocolate and who knows what else, you need to stop. This is not what I am talking about.

You must consume only raw or maybe occasionally dry roasted.

Most of the good things in nuts are pretty much destroyed when they are heated, so not only are you getting a nutrient deficient nut when processed, but things that are being added can harm your health.

What Kind Of Nuts Should I Eat?

My favorites are walnuts. I love to add them to my cereal. They are one of the most nutritious of nuts.

Ask Me!

Almonds are great too. I love to add some Braggs Liquid Aminos and sprinkle some nutritional yeast in a bowl or bag and shake them to coat. To me they taste like smokehouse almonds.

Macadamias are very delicious, but are pretty expensive and are also one of the highest in fat of the nut family.

Brazil nuts are also delicious, as are pistachios. Pistachios I have always eaten dry roasted.

Pecans are also very good.

Peanuts are tasty but they are not a true nut, they are actually from the legume family and grow on the ground not a tree. For this reason I only eat dry roasted peanuts and peanut butter.

Nut Butters Are Awesome Too

Don’t forget nut butters! Raw almond butter is so delicious.

But keep in mind to make sure there are no oils or anything except maybe a little salt added.

The natural oils will sometimes separate, so you may need to stir it thoroughly. Then place your nut butter in your refrigerator.

I love nut butters and frequently find myself eating it by the tablespoonfuls.

The Best Place To Buy Them

The best place to buy nuts would be at a store that has a dry bulk section. Nuts that are still in the shell are always best, followed by raw nuts out of the shell.

There are online places that sell them too.

Nuts Are A Power House

Nuts have many good nutrients in them. They have healthy fats and protein and fiber in them. They also have important vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that are great for your health.

They may also help reduce some risk factors for a lot of chronic diseases, that include heart disease and diabetes.

They are an important part of a healthy vegan diet.

Can I Eat Nuts If I Want To Lose Weight?

Absolutely! They may even help. Just don’t over do it.

Guidelines To Follow

Consume a variety of nuts. Try to get raw when you can, because it’s the best. Dry roasted is OK once in a while.

If you can get them in a shell, go for it. Otherwise, out of the shell is OK too.

If you buy nut butters, try to get them raw, and make sure nothing is added to them except maybe a little salt.

Bottomline nuts and nut butters are healthy and beneficial to you if consumed in this way. So enjoy them and definitely make them a part of your healthy vegan diet.

What is your favorite nut?

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