Health Benefits Of Becoming A Vegan – Improving Your Health

Improving Your Health

One very important reason to become a vegan is to improve your health. There are many health benefits of becoming a vegan. You will experience more energy, a natural increase in energy not from stimulants such as coffee or those so called energy drinks, that can raise your blood pressure and are usually loaded with sugar.

Also most vegans are slim, so if you are overweight and need to lose weight, it can definitely help. Being overweight can increase the risk of Type II diabetes and heart disease and cancers.

Do you have problems with high cholestrol and need to improve your numbers? Both LDL and HDL can be improved by this diet. Do you suffer from constipation? This diet is high in plant fiber allowing you to have regular bowell movements and greatly lowering your risk of colon cancer.

If you have any kidney issues, and your kidneys are compromised, going to a plant based diet will be much easier on your kidneys. And you can actually survive on much less kidney function than if you were eating animal protein.

Convinced yet? All of these health benefits and many more can be achieved on a vegan diet.

Improved body composition – You will lose weight

Losing weight on a proper whole food vegan diet can be quite easy. You will not go hungry either, in fact you will be pleasantly surprised at how much food you can consume and still lose excess pounds. Your coworkers and family and friends will be wondering what you are doing when you start losing those unwanted pounds. Your energy levels will naturally go up too, and you may even decide to use that excess energy to start a little exercise program, such as walking in place or even a little jogging in place-my favorite. What happens is a snowball effect on the positive changes in your health.

How long to see positive resultsHealth Benefits Of Being A Vegan

It will vary but keep in mind any health problem you have, probably did not happen over night but more than likely over the long term. So be patient, the body heals itself if it is given everything it needs. You also must avoid what may have caused the problem in the first place, and that could of very well been your lifestyle choices.

A lot of us are malnourished and do not even know until health symptoms occur. These can be minor or major problems. Some even requiring emergency care. Either way they can be improved by a good diet. And a great, not just good, diet is the “whole food plant based diet”. This diet has helped many people regain their health, even when given up on by the experts.

Cancer Has Been On The Rise – What Kind Of Diet Can Prevent It

According to the National Institute of Health, chronic illness is related to the diet. There is a direct relationship to eating animal products including dairy and cancer and heart disease.

Even the American Cancer Society acknowledges that to prevent cancer, you should eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Did you notice how many more people there are getting cancer these days? My opinion is we have a lot more things in our lives these days that can cause it, and on top of that we are consuming so much processed foods and fast foods these days and definitely not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

In China they are consuming more pork than ever before, and many are becoming overweight and developing many of the diseases of the Western world. It is not all about genetics, a lot of Chinese have come over to America and began eating the “SAD” diet which is the Standard American Diet and have now developed the same health challenges of the Western World. Most of this can be avoided by eating a proper plant based diet.

This diet has done the test of time and will work if done properly. I know of medical doctors and chiropractors who have applied this diet to their patients, with fantastic results,such as clogged arteries opening up, the body healing itself of cancer, improvement in arthritus conditions, eye sight, and many more health improvements.

Done properly the whole food, plant based vegan diet is a very powerful tool for your health. Many athletes have used the vegan diet to improve performance in their sport or activity.

As you learn to eat this way, and prepare delicious vegetable food not as a side dish, but as the main entree you will discover that this diet is far from boring.




You Say You Cannot Give Up Meat – A Gradual Process Is Better Than None

I went cold turkey, when I became vegan. I was a big meat eater, and I loved cheese. But when I started learning all about the health benefits of a vegan diet, I was hooked. I was committed to making it work. It was much harder back when I became one; Not much help online, I didn’t even have a computer. But I am so very grateful now that I eat this way, because our health is never something we should take for granted.

But I understand some people have to sort of ease into it, now that is not a problem unless you have a very serious health problem. That has to be handled differently. Also medical intervention may be necessary, but you need to also get very serious about going whole food plant based as soon as possible.

Wrapping It Up For Now

I’ve been calling this a diet, but diets are not long term. This is a lifestyle change that has to be long term. Once you experience the many health benefits coming your way, and also learning how really great and delicious this food is, you will not want to go off. Many Vegans do not look their age or even act their age, such as some older vegan athletes way past the so called retirement age in their career or sport and still training hard and still getting great results. This diet is not hard to sustain either. Some call it the fountain of youth diet. Try it out and see!

Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you around for my next posts.





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