How To Go Vegan And Stay Healthy, While Enjoying Every Minute Of It!

Do you want to go vegan but are not sure what is healthy, and what is not?

Best Kinds Of Vegan Foods To Eat

If you are new to the vegan lifestyle, or you have been vegan for a while and want to eat the healthiest kinds of food, then you should eat whole plant foods.

There are many vegan products on the market. Some of them are quite tasty, but they lack nutrition and also have some things in them that are not ideal for a healthy body.

Some are highly processed and are basically considered junk food. These are the foods to stay away from.

They will not contribute to your health in any way.

What Kinds Of Vegan Foods Are Best                               Shopping Healthy

The best kinds of vegan food to eat that are optimum for the health of your body are “whole plant foods” as close to nature as possible.

Does this sound too restricted for you? It really isn’t once you start eating this delicious food, and also feeling the benefits of it.

The combinations are endless. I just enjoyed a tofu scramble with onions and zucchini and homemade cornbread on the side for breakfast.

For me, yesterday’s breakfast was whole grain blueberry pancakes with 100 percent maple syrup.

For dinner, yesterday we had homemade bean and grain burgers, along with oven roasted potatoes and a steamed vegetable medley with a homemade oil free cheese sauce poured over them.

Believe me when I tell you, this food is not only good for you but also great tasting.

Are There Quick And Healthy Vegan Foods

Unfortunately many of us don’t seem to have the time to cook.

I honestly think it is mostly poor time management.                                                                              Smoothie

But, there are ways to still consume healthy vegan foods that are quick to prepare.

A very quick breakfast could be a homemade smoothie. They are nutritious and delicious.

You will need a good blender though.

It is the best hands down. In the long run you will be glad you got this one because it is so well-made.

If you are serious about this lifestyle you will get a lot of use out of this blender. You can make home made soups and sauces right in the blender, and very quickly and the blender will actually heat it up for soups.

How about putting in frozen bananas and maybe frozen strawberries and blending into a delicious homemade dessert that tastes like ice cream without the junk.

This blender will help you create “healthy fast food.”

You could also take this blender with you on trips and blend away in your hotel room making fast, delicious and healthy foods.

Sometimes getting kids to eat their greens can be tricky. Not in a smoothie though! If you mix the greens with different fruits they will never even know they are in there and they will love every bit of it.

Homemade nut butters are excellent also in this blender.

Just let your imagination run wild and experiment with different whole plant food ingredients and spices and you could come up with a winner recipe that is not only nutritious and delicious but quick and easy to make.

I hope this post helped you to see how to eat healthy vegan and showed you it is not hard to do, and that you can also eat great even if your time is limited.

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Thanks and have a healthy day.

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