How To Have A Gym In A Bag

Problems finding a place to work out when travelingTraveling

Many people, when traveling, hate to miss their workout. I know I am one of them. The hotel they are staying in doesn’t have a gym, or the equipment is so limited that a good workout is next to impossible.The equipment may be in bad shape. They don’t know the area.

You could check if there are any local gyms in the area, but most likely a fee is involved. Also, you risk getting lost, being in non-familiar neighborhoods trying to find the place, and you really are not sure if the gym is any good.

You are short on time, but still want to get in a workout.

You may have your family with you, and don’t want to leave them alone. Also, some people travel with their pets, and do not want to leave them either, especially if they have a dog that barks a lot.

There is a way to avoid all these frustrations.

Take your gym with youGym

I am going to tell you about a portable gym that will fit in your car, that will give you an incredible workout.

This gym will fit in your gym bag. It’s hard to believe I know, but you will have an amazingly great workout with what I am about to reveal to you. How can I have a gym in my bag you say.

The gym I am talking about fits easily in your car. Also, if you are flying it can easily fit in your luggage, or can be a carry on.

You will have a great workout in your hotel room, or outside on the grounds if you want to.

Just about any exercise imaginable can be performed. You can also hit angles that you can not hit with free weights because of gravity and the pump you will get is amazing.
You will never be concerned about having a place to workout again when traveling. You will have your very own gym in a bag. You have to try these and who knows, you may start using them at home too. They really are that awesome.

Also, they are easy on the joints. So If you have sore aching joints from years of weightlifting or maybe you had a very physical job that took its toll on your body. This will be a welcome change for you.
If you don’t ever want to miss a workout again while traveling and you want to eliminate the stress of looking for a place to workout while traveling. You will have a great workout.

Your sore aching joints will thank you. Your workout will be more efficient, because you can go from exercise to exercise very quickly.

All this can be done in the privacy of your hotel room.To take your own gym with you and never miss a workout while away.





Have a great workout,






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  1. I workout a great bit and I never thought of a gym in a bag it’s a perfect idea. I need to get one of these.

    1. Hi Jamillah,
      You will love it! And you will especially appreciate it when you travel.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Sounds interesting this gym that you can take anywhere. I will have to check out the link.

    I find that going to a hotel gym can be daunting. You don’t know what to expect and what the state of the equipment will be in. Also, you may have to pay extra to even use the hotel gym. Not great.

    Anything that is easily transportable is good for me, as long as there’s enough room for my luggage as well. Will it take up too much room that I can’t put my bags in the car as well?

    1. Hi Owain,
      These bands are incredible and very convenient. And you will not need a spotter to use them either.
      You are right about possibly paying extra to use the hotel gym.
      These are very transportable, I measured my bag, its about 18 inches long by about 8 inches high by about 10 inches wide. You should still have plenty of room for your luggage.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is neat! I travel a lot and try to keep my gym routine going as well. Always looking for hotel gyms or other opportunities to hit the gym, this bag as great! Will definitely need to add this for the next trip!

    1. Thanks Marcel,
      You will never miss a workout ever again due to a lack of gym equipment and you will definitely get a great workout!

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