How To Start Becoming A Vegan

It Is Not A Complicated Process

Some people make it a complicated process, when they think about how to start becoming a vegan. It simply means not eating any animal product, including eggs and dairy. Many meat eaters eat a variety of vegan side dishes along with their animal products every day.

So simply removing the animal food and eating larger portions of the vegan side dishes could be a way to start, but definitely not the best way.

Deciding To Go Cold Turkey Or Gradually

If you decide to go gradually, you could simply eat one of your meals vegan; while continuing the rest of your meals the way you usually eat. And maybe every other week, add a plant based meal and eliminate an animal based meal until you are animal free.

You need to prepare your favorite vegetable meals though, and be willing to try new ones. An example of a wonderful breakfast meal would be oatmeal with some fruit and nondairy milk, such as unsweetened almond milk along with maybe some 100% maple syrup or stevia -[a natural sweetener]. You could crumble some raw walnuts in too. A great way to start your day.

Going cold turkey is a little harder, you must have easy to make and favorite plant based recipes readily available. Do not go cold turkey if you are not prepared. This is one of the main reasons people will give up. They say they don’t know what to eat. You have to design your new diet lifestyle around your eating habits. What I mean is if you eat 3 meals a day, then you will need to have the recipes for three vegan meals at hand. Most people have maybe six meals or so that are their favorite. You must also have around six favorite vegan recipes at hand too.

Also, if you are a snacker, then find some healthy plant based snacks to replace those Doritos.

Fruits could be snacks, trail mixes are great, etc.

The Vegan Six Food Groups {Doing The Diet Right}

1. Whole grains and potatoes 2-4 [4 ounce] servings daily

2. Beans and legumes 1-2 [3-4 ounce] servings daily

3. Vegetables

Greens 1-2 [4 ounce] servings daily

Yellow 1-2 [4 ounce] servings every other day

4. Nuts and seeds 1-3 [one ounce] servings daily

5. Fruits 3-6 servings daily

6. Vitamin and mineral foods [ 1 serving of each at least three times weekly]

Sea vegetables

Root vegetables

Take a Vitamin B-12 supplement

These are all the foods you will ever need to keep your body healthy and strong!
I started this way after reading a book by Michael Klaper M.D. years ago but I’ll be honest, I eat much more than these serving suggestions today. I consider these the minimum requirements. I exercise a lot and need more plant fuel for my body needs. You may find it plenty of food for you, but just try to get this amount as a minimum and you should be fine.

Protein Rich Plant Foods

Many people worry about protein on this diet, and I admit I used to be one of them. But there really is no reason to worry about deficiency. There is plenty of protein in plant food and it is so much easier for our bodies to digest than animal protein. The greens for example have plenty of protein, but there is not enough calories if that was all you ate as your protein source. As long as you are not calorie deficient then you are getting enough.

I as an “athlete” prefer whole grains and beans and some raw nuts and seeds for the extra calories and protein, but you still need to get the minimum servings of the Vegan six food groups. But that is how I tweak my servings while getting at least the minimum of everything and more of some groups.

What About Calcium

Calcium is a much-needed mineral. Many people think we need to have dairy to get enough calcium. This is not true. There are much better sources of calcium ; green leafy vegetables to name one plant source. Collards, and kale for example have the same usable calcium as a glass of cow’s milk, without the problems associated with dairy. The United States has the highest consumption of dairy products, but is also the highest in osteoporosis cases, so what does that tell you. Many people are allergic to dairy, and there are also hormone issues with milk, not to mention the saturated fats. Cow milk is good for baby calfs, but humans do not need it. You will get plenty of calcium without any of the bad things from the Vegan Six Food Groups.

Things To AvoidShould I Avoid Sugar

Refined sugar is considered a poison by many doctors, I believe it is too. It suppresses the immune system, it is very acidic and inflammatory. It feeds cancer. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, and they feed on sugar. So why would you want to put this in your body?! Eliminate it and you will be rewarded with a stronger immune system. You can use fruit or maple syrup or stevia to sweeten. These are much better for you.

Do not eat anything with hydrogenated oils, it is only one molecule away from being plastic. Your body cannot digest it and it becomes a trans fat and raises your cholesterol.

Avoid enriched flour and bleached flours, both are bad for you. Do not drink tap water, unless you filter it.

Avoiding these bad things in your diet, and giving your body healthy food allows your body to rebuild itself into a stronger healthier you.


Decide if you want to go cold turkey or gradual.

You should start collecting favorite plant food recipes; at least 6. Plan your meals!

Also have vegan snacks on hand, dried fruit mixed with some variety of nuts even works. I found dehydrated kale chips without oil that were delicious as an example.

Follow the Vegan Six Food Groups Guide as a minimum to be sure you are getting all the nutrition that you need.

Always read food labels

Also do not forget to drink plenty of filtered water.

Take a vitamin B12, cyanocobalamin [Dr. Michael Gregor recommends 2500mcg a week]

By following these suggestions you have a much better chance of succeeding with this wonderful healthy lifestyle.

If you thought about becoming vegan, now is the time!

You will be rewarded with a stronger healthier you.

Great talking to you, Have a wonderful healthy day



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