Is Vegan Really Healthy? An Inside Scoop

I am sure you heard many things about this diet.

Some are probably good and some are probably bad.

In this article I am going to go over the good and the bad and try to explain it in a way that you will know for sure whether you want to go vegan or not.





What Is Healthy About It?

I believe this diet can be one of the healthiest diets there are if done correctly. So is vegan really healthy? Yes it is. It’s so healthy that it has been known to reverse many health problems.

In fact, it is the only diet scientifically proven to reverse heart disease and heart disease is the number 1 killer.

People have lowered their cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure numbers significantly by following a strict vegan diet.

Many people that have gotten on this diet which is a non-inflammatory type of diet, have gotten great relief from arthritis problems.

Now on the other hand, some people have gotten on this diet and did not experience any positive results.

But what I noticed that was a common denominator, at least in people I know that have tried it and got poor benefits or none at all, ate many highly processed type foods.

You need to eliminate as much as you can of all processed food. You need to eat as close to the whole food as possible.

An example would be no potato chips, but baked potatoes are fine.

Is It A Sustaining Diet?

This is very sustaining. I will admit I did miss some of my favorite animal foods when I first became vegan.

But now I have my vegan favorites, that are so much more beneficial to my body. I don’t miss meat or dairy or eggs or anything that I used to eat.

I eat till I am comfortably full. I don’t really need to count calories. I just eat more if I am hungry. I pretty much eat a vegan equivalent food of what I used to eat.

I still eat an occasional piece of cake that is homemade with no sugars, oils or bad flours. Instead, the cake I eat is made from whole grains, and sweetened with fruit such as banana and/or stevia. The oil substitute is usually apple sauce. It is not only delicious but actually good for me. This is what you need to do to succeed on this diet.

There are many vegan cake mixes out there that are highly processed and many vegans fall for them simply because they are vegan, but they are not health promoting.

These are the decisions that you have to make to be successful with this diet. And believe me once you start making your own creative desserts and meals, thinking health first, then taste second, only then will you reap the rewards.

The Downside Of Being A Vegan

I have been a vegan for a while now and I say there is no downside of being one.

But I want to try to look at it from someone wanting to try it for the first time.

So probably I could come up with a few. Keep in mind though that there is a remedy for each one of these potential problems.

  • Being invited to a friend’s house and there is nothing vegan to eat.
  • No eating pizza ever again
  • No snacks ever again

All right I am not adding anymore, only because these are so easy to fix.

The solution to the first one is to simply let your friends know that you are vegan, and offer to bring a vegan dish.

They may even enjoy it.

The second one is false. I eat pizza and I am vegan. The difference is I make my own whole grain crust, I am also picky about the sauce. Sometimes I make my own, other times I buy oil free pizza or spaghetti sauce.

I place different vegetables such as black olives, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and crumbled tofu and home made seitan.

I sometimes make my own vegan cheese sauce too.

This is a vegan healthy meal.

The third one is false as well. I snack all the time, the difference is my snacks are put together myself.

I make my own trail mix with different kinds of raw nuts and seeds and dried fruits, and maybe shredded coconut. I also found some stevia sweetened chocolate chips that I may add.

I also bake oil free non-gmo corn tortillas that make great chips for dipping in homemade hummus or salsa.

Just about any potential problem that comes up can be eliminated pretty easy once you learn to be a little creative with whole plant food and spices.

Will I Have Trouble Finding Food?

Not if you are eating whole food.

If you are talking about highly processed vegan food, then it depends on your area. The best kind of vegan food is unprocessed whole plant food. You should not have any problem finding this.

This is what you should be eating mostly anyways.

Are There A Lot Of Vegans?




There are quite a few vegans out there. Also, the number seems to be growing all the time.

This wonderful diet is catching on. It seems more health practitioners are giving it a go.

What Will I Tell My Family And Friends?

Just be honest. They may or may not understand right away. Be prepared because you may hear a lot of negative talk about eating this way. Many people that do not know much about this way of eating are very skeptical.

Also you will be dealing with conflict of traditions of eating certain foods at certain times, such as holidays. Don’t worry this will all pass, it just takes a little time.

Just make sure to bring some of your own dishes for people to try.

Will I Be Hungry All The Time?

Absolutely not! Whole plant food can be very filling due to the high fiber content. Also, your body will recognize this food and because it is very nutrient dense you may feel full with fewer calories.

Years ago when I first tried vegan, I kept losing weight due to feeling full even though I wasn’t eating a lot of calories.

I learned later on to tweak this by consuming higher calorie plant food such as nuts and seeds and more whole grains.

On the other hand if you need to lose weight, then eat less of the high calorie food. But make sure you eat some of these because they do have great nutrition.


This diet is very healthy if done right, and it is not hard to do. It is also very adaptable and very sustaining. I never think of changing my diet. I only look for ways to improve.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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