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Omega-Vertical-Juicer Omega VSJ843QS


Product dimensions: 15.5 x 7 x 15.5 inches

Item Weight: 23.1 pounds

Manufacturer: Omega

Item model number: VSJ843QS

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Amazon Price: $386.99

This is the Omega VSJ843QS. It is a slow vertical auger juicer. It’s speed is 43 RPMs, it has minimal heat build up and oxidation, and produces juice that will last longer with healthy enzymes. This juicer will juice everything from wheat grass, leafy greens, and other fruits and vegetables. You can also make nut milks. It has proven to be a very efficient single auger style juicer.


Why Is The VSJ843QS a Great Juicer

In my opinion this is a great juicer and it is very easy to operate. It will juice just about anything. It’s a great all round juicer.

You do need to chop some of the harder vegetables before putting into the juicer so it’s pretty much self-feeding. This way it will juice better and will not jam up.

It is one of the slowest RPM juicers out there and because of this, your juice quality will be very high.

I started out years ago with a fast RPM juicer and when it came to certain vegetables, it would pretty much just spit them out without juicing them. This can get expensive and sometimes the juice tasted warm.

The vertical juicers are pretty much the easiest juicers to operate.

You should not even have to use the pusher if you feed slowly and allow the juicer to do its job.

It is the easiest vertical juicer to clean in my opinion, which makes it even more attractive.

It has a 15 Year warranty on all parts and labor, so you know Omega believes in this product.


Pros and Cons


This juicer is good at juicing vegetables and fruits.

Pretty much self-feeding

Self Cleaning – Just pour water in to self clean the juicer for a fast cleaning

To clean thoroughly; you will need to disassemble the parts after use.

Compact ; It is very nice to look at, and not over size.

It’s very quiet when running so you will not disturb other family members when juicing.

Juice quality is very good due to the very slow RPM.

Easy and fast to clean.

15 year warranty.

Higher priced tag.

It does produce more pulp than some juicers.

It can jam if you do not chop the harder vegetables.



I would definitely give this juicer 4 stars out of 5. Even at the higher price tag and few cons over all this is a very good juicer. It will be a great asset to you on your journey to better health.

Keep in mind there really is no perfect juicer. You have to determine what you will be juicing the most.

All in all, the Omega VSJ843QS is very good at juicing fruits and vegetables.




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