Raw Vegan Weight Loss -Could This Be The Answer?

Raw Vegan Weight Loss -Could This Be The Answer?

Are you constantly struggling with overweight issues? Keep reading because this might just be what you’ve been searching for!

Have You Tried To Lose Weight But Only Gain It Back?

This is called The yo-yo diet. It is a big strain on the body, and is very unhealthy.

People think of a diet as a temporary thing to do. If this is what you have been doing, this is a big mistake.

Think about it, you know you need to lose weight, so you cut calories. You may lose some weight, you then go and celebrate and have a nice meal at a restaurant. You then think “I am going to celebrate my accomplishment” so you have dessert.

Some people even reach their weight goal. But then gradually start going back to their old way of eating. They start eating a little more of this and a little more of that. They add back in their favorite junk food again, and all the time telling themselves it’s only a little bit.

But all of these add up.

They will cause a rebound or better known as yo yo-ing. Before you know it they are back where they started.

But It doesn’t have to be this way.

Do You Feel Like It’s Hopeless?

Well stop thinking this way! It is not hopeless.

You may think you tried everything, but you didn’t. Always remember, there is a solution to every problem.

Never give up, I believe in you. You just have to believe in yourself.

Why Can’t You Lose Weight?

There can be different reasons, Most of the time though it is what you are eating.

Here is an example: Did you know that diet soda can contribute to weight gain.

And most diet type foods that I looked at did not contain very healthy looking ingredients. They also had very limited portion sizes.

If you go this route you may lose some weight, but the main problem is that most people will not stay on this type of diet because they are so hungry. They are not satisfied.

Some people will try diet type pills, but most of these are filled with stimulant type things such as caffeine to try to speed up your metabolism. They can have bad effects on your body, such as raising blood pressure.

You don’t need these. There is a much better way.

What if I told you there is a diet that will help you lose weight and is also very healthy for you.

You will not only lose unwanted weight, but there is a very great chance that your health will improve too.

I call it the secret weapon to be healthy and slim.

Keep reading to find out what it is.

Why Are There So Many Overweight People?

Because most people are eating wrong. They eat anything they want, if it tastes good to them.

Some get away with it for a while but eventually it catches up with them. They start gaining unwanted weight, and/or start having health issues. All of this is preventable.


Here Is What You Need To Do- The Secret Weapon

You must move toward a whole-food plant-based diet consisting mostly of grains, legumes, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

When you do this you do not even need to count calories. When you consume mostly whole-food plant-based meals you are reducing calories naturally without even trying. But you will be satisfied. No limiting portion sizes either. I don’t know of any other diet like this.

You don’t even have to go raw vegan to accomplish this.Whole Plant Food Based Diet

I noticed with me and eating mostly raw vegan I did lose weight, but I was hungry a lot.

I also had trouble knowing what to prepare to eat. I missed my whole grains and beans.

I currently eat about 50-50 cooked and raw vegan. I do eat a whole-food-plant-based diet though.

I think this is so much more sustaining.

Like many other diet programs, they limit portion sizes. With a whole food plant based diet, there is no need for that.

Reasons To Do This Diet

This diet works, it is sustaining, you will not be hungry.

There is a very great chance your health will improve, in fact that is the side effect of this diet.

It is easy. You don’t need to count calories.

No limiting portions.

This food is available just about everywhere. You will not yo-yo.

This diet is a winners diet. You are a winner. Get started today.

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