Reasons To Be A Vegan, Are There Any?

Always Have A Good Reason

Before you try anything, you want to have a good reason. You are thinking of becoming a vegan, and are searching for the answer.

In this article, I will be discussing numerous reasons to be a vegan. There are many, from health reasons to protecting the planet from global warming, to stopping the contribution to animal cruelty in factory farms.

Stopping Animal Cruelty

When I became vegan many years ago, it was because of the health benefits that I had read about. I learned a lot about these. That is what convinced me.

But I learned very little about the other benefits at the time. There was no YouTube, and not much was said about factory farms back then, that I knew about anyways.

But much later on I started hearing more about them, as I was constantly trying to learn. Even more recently YouTube has a lot of videos showing the cruelty that is being done to these animals. I just thought to myself, that here is just another reason to become a vegan.

And many people made the decision to become one, just for this reason. They wanted nothing to do with these farms and the horrific treatment that was done to these poor defenseless animals.

They later witnessed the great health benefits of this lifestyle and were totally convinced that they had made a good decision.

The factory farms unfortunately are still around. But a lot more people are aware of what they are doing. And the more people that become plant based eaters, the more it will hurt them where it counts, and that is in their pocketbooks.

Global Warming

Another great reason to go plant based would be to slash Global Warming.Can We Help Global Warming

Adopting a vegan diet would cut food related emissions by 70 percent.

Dietary shift to a plant based diet could produce savings of $700 billion to $1 trillion per year on healthcare, unpaid care, and lost working days.

This research was done by Oxford University.

I think this is definitely another great reason to go vegan.

This day and age we keep hearing about Global Warming and the repercussions if we do not do anything, Well here is your chance to do something to help our great planet.

Just A Few More Reasons

Some serious health conditions have been treated successfully from a whole food plant based diet. There are even some doctors that are vegans themselves.

This diet is for anyone; if you are sickly or well, an athlete or a less active person. But as you stay on this diet you will have more energy, and will naturally become more active.

Are you over weight, feeling tired all the time, and get frequent colds? They can all be helped from this lifestyle.

If you stay away from too much processed vegan food, you can also eat very cheaply. Whole food plant based is best anyways.

The less processed your food is the better.

I hope I gave you enough reasons to give it a try. I talk more about how to do it properly in other posts, but I know some people like to see why. Believe me these are just a few. There are many more positive reasons to go whole food plant based.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed sharing.

I have given you many reasons to be a vegan, so what is stopping you?

Have a wonderful healthy day



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