Side Effects Of Being A Vegan – You Will Want To Know This

The unknown can be a scary place for some people. To eliminate any problems you need to do some research.

You need to learn from somebody, that is already successfully doing it.

You came to the right place.

What are the problems

There can be some problems. But don’t let this scare you off. The diet you are on now, can have problems too. You have probably been eating your current way for many years now.

But try to imagine that you just started eating your current diet for the first time. You would have to learn certain things. You would have to find out what you like, and you would need recipes.

You might be thinking, I’d just go to a fast food restaurant and get a burger and fries. Yes you could do this, but this type of food can have many health problems associated with it.

I’m sure you could think of some others too.

Problems with the Vegan diet could be B12 deficiency, but keep in mind there are many B12 deficiencies in other diets as well.

There could be intestinal issues, lack of energy, and frequent colds. These can all be avoided however. Some may say these are the side effects of being a vegan. But when you do this diet right, the only side effects you will experience will be health.

Are they serious

Most are not. But a B12 deficiency can be, if neglected and not corrected. Some people complain of excessive gas, which is usually only your body adjusting to all the fiber.

Lack of energy can be another one, but is only temporary and some never experience it.

You see, meat is a stimulant, and when people go off it they may experience temporary withdrawal, such as low energy.

But those that bear with it will be pleasantly pleased with all the energy they will have.

There can also be some minor skin eruptions that happen. This is just your body cleaning house, and will clear up.

The frequent colds could be many reasons, such as too much sugar that severely lowers your immune system, and or your body adjusting to a new way of eating.

Doing it right from the start

You want to start any new journey the right way. You want to read and learn all about it. I have been doing this diet a long time now. I never even think of trying any other diet. I am very satisfied.

I used to eat meat, dairy and fish. As well as a lot of cake, junk foods and drinks that, these days, I wouldn’t touch with a 6-foot pole, mainly because I am now aware of the problems they could cause.

I learned from reading about people that were already successfully following this great diet.

I didn’t have a computer to do research with when I first started out.

You have a big advantage with the internet. Use it wisely.

How to avoid problems

As I said before, learn from someone already successfully doing it. I would be honored if I was the person you chose.

You need to get educated, but don’t get me wrong. It is not that complicated.

But there are some things you should know.

There are healthy vegans and some that look like death warmed over them. There are reasons for this.

The food industry follows the money trail. So what they do is put together many “vegan foods” that are convenient but are highly processed. They taste good but have virtually no nutrition value. Many vegans live on this dead food.

They also suffer many health problems as a result. Just because it says vegan does not make it healthy.

To be a healthy vegan, eat as close to whole food as possible. Some call it a “whole food plant based diet” because it distinguishes it from a junk food vegan diet. Most of your food should be fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh raw nuts and seeds, beans and legumes.

The variety is endless, the spices are incredible. I am sure you already have your favorite spices you use, but don’t be afraid to try new ones, especially spice blends that are already put together. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Stay away from processed foods. You will not regret this in the long run.

Where do you go from here

You must continue to learn. This diet is not hard but there is a little learning curve as with anything.

Follow Directions

Find a recipe. Start with one good meal, make sure it is whole food plant based, such as a bean vegetable soup. You could even add whole grain brown rice or whole grain noodles to it, you need to eat till comfortably filled.

Once you have a small collection of great vegan meals that you love, you are well on your way.

Keep adding to your recipes, I always try to find recipes that are not too complicated, and can be put together pretty fast.

Have foods on hand such as frozen vegetables and fruits along with fresh varieties. Have some great nut butters on hand such as cashew butter, almond butter, etc. but make sure there are no bad things added in the ingredients.

Definitely always read the ingredients label. If you buy anything in a box, jar or can, always read ingredients!! If you don’t know what the ingredients are, don’t buy it.

Remember this: Ingredients are the most important and then taste; in that order, not the other way around. Most people are only concerned with taste and not the ingredients.

I’ve seen people in stores trying free samples and not even knowing what the ingredients were, and saying to their wife or husband, “This tastes great, lets buy some.”

Always remember. Your health is more important than anything. What you put in your mouth really matters.

If you seriously want to try out this diet and have any concerns feel free to contact me either by email or see below.


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