The Power Of The Mind For Bodybuilding

How to effectively use your mind to get better results

Mind power
Increase your gains by using your mind

Most bodybuilders go about their workout in a robotic type of way. They know what muscle or muscle group they are going to work, and then without much thought start their warm-ups and proceed with the workout.

But did you know there is a powerful mind muscle connection that, if used properly, can give you tremendous results.

An example would be this; You go to the gym, on the drive there you are probably thinking about what you have to do later in the day. Whether its school or work, shopping, while you’re sipping on a pre-workout drink and maybe listening to some tunes. You may occasionally be thinking about how tired you feel or that you really don’t feel like working out today. In other words just giving the occasional thought of your workout and very negatively when you do.

But did you know that changing your way of thinking can ultimately change your physique in a very positive way?

You Must Have A Goal

Have a written goal

Think of a goal as a GPS to where you want to go and be. Without a goal you are lost and not sure which direction to go. You will find yourself going down different roads and wasting the time and finding out that the road is nothing but a dead end.

First, you must come up with a goal. Write it down, tape it to your dashboard, and keep it in your pocket on a small card. Read it often.

For example your goal may be to get in the best shape of your life. On your card write it as though it already happened and you are thankful and grateful. “I am so happy and grateful now that I am in the best shape of my life”. You must see it and feel it in your imagination, and you will achieve it.

When you have a goal, all your thoughts will be directed to, “Should I do this or that?”  and will it take me towards my goal. And if the answer is no, then you know not to waste your time.

Let’s take that same drive to the gym and incorporate some mind power. On the drive there use your power of imagination to envision the workout you want. See yourself walking into that gym and everyone greeting you by name with smiles and then hearing people say “Wow, what a physique. He improves every time I see him.” You then walk yourself through your whole workout, feeling it set by set and rep by rep and having the best workout of your life. Do not allow any negative thoughts to interfere with your vision.

Powerful Affirmations

Always Think Positive

You should also say to yourself positive affirmations on the way to the gym, such as “my body gets better and better”, “I always have great result producing workouts”, etc. But you must say them in the present tense. You have to come up with your own because they are more powerful that way and write them down and/or record them on your phone. You could also have some background music, but only music with no words because it will interfere with your thoughts. Soft, feel good music is best.

By the time you arrive at the gym, mentally you’ve already been through your whole workout. Just now you are physically playing it out. Be prepared to have the best workout of your life. This is the power of the mind.

Getting better with Repetition

When you do this and make it a habit you will get better and better at it and will feel the workout in your mind even more so, and you may even break a sweat.

Do not underestimate this!  It is very powerful, and may very well be what is keeping you from reaching your goal.

Keep Repeating Positive Thoughts

Remember repetition is the key. That is how you have been programmed over the years. This is what your belief system is comprised of, all your previous thoughts, things you heard over and over and especially when you have strong emotions to them, whether negative or positive.

Negative Thoughts

When you start adding all these positive thoughts in your mind, you will start having negative thoughts fighting back. These are coming from your Subconscious Mind, your inner programming that came from things you heard in the past and maybe even as a kid.

Ignore them, just keep replacing them with your positive thoughts. Eventually your belief system will be what you want to accomplish. You must become aware of your negative thoughts and immediately replace them with positive ones. Also make sure you put feeling to them, which makes them very powerful. What you are doing with all of this is basically reprogramming, getting rid of the garbage and replacing with positive thinking, that will take you to where you want to be.


If you keep applying these tips as I am telling you, you will start to see positive results. The important thing is to have a constant awareness of negative thoughts, and to redirect to a positive word or phrase or an image that you want.

You could also redirect a negative thought by asking yourself, “What do I really want?”

You will then think the answer with the feeling that you already got it..










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