Vegan Bodybuilding Workouts

Are you looking for the best workout to achieve your bodybuilding goals? Do you get more confused the more you read?

The Most Effective Workout

Most Effective Workout
How To Go Vegan And Stay Healthy While Enjoying Every Minute Of It

Are you constantly looking for that one workout routine that will take you to the next level?

Are you a vegan, and looking for the ultimate vegan bodybuilding workout?

Have you tried many different workouts, only to be disappointed when you don’t make the gains you thought you would make?

Do you switch routines frequently hoping to find that one magical routine that will have you making the gains you want so badly?

I am going to get right to the point here. I have been training since I was 10 years old. I am now 57, and I have probably tried just about every routine out there.

If there was a magical routine that stands out from the rest, that would give you and me continuous and never ending gains, then I would have found it by now, don’t you think?

Well I am sorry to say it doesn’t exist. But there are some routines that will work a little better than others for you.

To be honest they will all work. But you need to believe that your current workout is the best one out there.

Having this belief will enable you to put your heart and soul into your training. With this attitude you could make any routine work.

How To Pick A Routine. A Tough Decision?  Yoga Meditating

First thing you need to do is find a routine that you can stick with.

You may want to train 5 days a week, but if you are constantly missing workouts because of conflicts with your work schedule, and or school, or other commitments than that routine is not for you.

Also, how often do you like to train? With me it varies, there are times that I feel like training 5 days a week, but then there are weeks that 3 days is pushing it.

This could all depend on what is currently going on in your life. I mostly train 3 days a week, but there are times I like a shorter workout, so I sometimes get on a 5-day routine.

I do tend to miss less on a 3-day routine though, which is more beneficial to me.

In my younger days I did build a pretty impressive physique on 3 days a week training.

Currently I am working out 3 days a week. I do change them up but not for the reason that one is necessary better than the other one. But because I just feel like a change at times.

Full body workouts 3 days a week can be a nice change too.

When you decide how many days you can train without it interfering with the rest of your life commitments, then go in there and put your heart into it with the belief that at this current time in your life that this is the most effective routine out there for you.

What Rep RangeRoulette

Same as the workout there is not a magical rep range that will give you outstanding gains compared to the others.

I also like to mix these up, because you will hit different muscle fibers. I have not noticed bigger gains in a specific rep range. I go by what I feel like using that day. With higher reps you could probably workout more often. The lower reps do tend to take more out of you and may require more recovery time. if you, are a little sore you are probably better off going lighter with higher reps that workout day. You don’t want to be going heavy with low reps when you are sore, because you could be more prone to injury.

I have gone as low as 4 reps and as high as 50 reps, but mostly train in the 6 to 30 rep range, depending on what I feel like doing that day. Again, they can all be effective.

Learn to listen to your body, if you have any soreness go lighter with higher reps. if you, are not sore and want to lift heavy go with lower reps. Both are effective.

Protein Powder

Being vegan you need to make sure you get enough calories. Supplementing with a good protein powder can help as well.

I have tried quite a few of them. currently.

It tastes decent and mixes well and seems to absorb quite well. I add extra calories to it though, because 150 calories is not enough for me. I sometimes add additional greens and a banana and maybe a tablespoon or two of nut butter, and maybe some dried oatmeal. If I, use it right before a workout I only use it straight without any extras. I like it a lot.



Determine how many days you can workout without missing much.

Remember there is not a best routine.

Believe your current workout is the best for you at the time.

Stick with it for at least a couple of months.

Vary your rep ranges by feel, they all are effective.

Supplement with a good protein powder.


I hope you enjoyed this post.

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