What Are The Benefits Of Juicing

Did you ever wonder if juicing your fruits and vegetables does any good.

You are vegan or you are trying to be one, and are wondering if juicing does the body any good.

Store bought juice in my opinion is not very good. Some may have been on the shelf for days, weeks, and maybe even months in a warehouse.

Most are boiled, and that right there is one of the worst things you could do to juice.

It destroys the nutrients, enzymes and life force that was in that juice when it was freshly made.

Fruit juice that is boiled is pretty much nothing but sugar water.

You need to consume freshly made vegetable juice to get incredible nutrition.

How important is Juicing?

I am going to lay it on the line here, when people ask me what are the benefits of juicing, I look at them and ask them how important is having great health to you?

Juicing is vital to turbo charge your health. You will absorb so much more nutrients from your vegetables when you juice. Our bodies are juicers when we chew our food. You see, our bodies have to turn everything we eat to a liquid before it can absorb the nutrients but our bodies are not a very good juicer when it comes to vegetables. Even when chewed slowly and thoroughly, the cellulose fiber is so tough to break down in vegetables.

But with a juicer the fiber is separated from the juice and gives our bodies maximum absorption. It takes about a pound of carrots to make a cup of juice, which is easily consumed, and you receive close to 100 percent of the nutrition. On the other hand try eating a pound of carrots, much tougher to do, and for all your effort you receive nowhere near the nutrition.

Also, for the elderly and people that have compromised digestion, juicing can be a life saver, The juice is pretty much in your bloodstream feeding your trillion of cells in a matter of minutes.

I’ll admit it, at times I get lazy and lay off of juicing, but I would always notice a difference a big difference, then when I would start back I would feel so much better.

What is the best kind of juicer    Is Juicing Good For Your Health

The best juicer is the one that you use.

Yes some juicers will get more volume, and some will have a bit more nutrition. Some press the juice. There are low RPM juicers and there are Fast RPM juicers. There are vertical juicers and there a single auger and dual auger juicers.

I personally like the vertical juicers the best, because they can juice everything. There are some juicers that may juice greens better, others juice hard vegetables better, and some that juice fruit better, but if you want to juice everything then you want a juicer that will juice everything well, then go for the vertical juicer.

They are pretty much self-feeding and it takes about 5 minutes to clean.

Now I will say this, I have accumulated many different kinds of juicers over the years, vertical, single auger, dual auger, and even the fast centrifugal juicers that they say can slightly damage the juice and tend to waste a lot of the produce.

But in my opinion I still like the vertical juicers the best. They are slow turning, in fact most have RPM of less than 50. which produce a great quality juice. They do produce more pulp in the juice though, I just strain mine.

Here are two of the best in my opinion,  Omega VSJ843,   Omega-Vertical-Juicer

and the Tribest Slowstar. Both are top of the line with good warranty also.

No juicer is perfect, as you will find out but when you weigh the good points with the not so good points, I still favor the vertical juicers.

If you cannot afford a vertical juicer because they do tend to be pricier, then start with one that is easy to clean. Because this tends to be a big reason for not juicing; dreading the clean up. The Omega NC 800 is not vertical but has slow RPM, and a single auger juicer that is very easy to clean. It is lower priced than the top vertical juicers. It has a 15 year warranty. This is also a very good juicer.

But after all is said and done, the benefits of juicing, far outway the little inconveniences.

Juice Your Vegetables And Eat Your Fruits

Do not make the mistake most people make when starting a juicing regimen. They tend to juice mostly fruits.

When juicing, do not mix fruits with vegetables. One exception is apples, apples can mix with vegetables and can make your vegetable juices so much more palatable.

Greens should only be about 25 percent of your juice, with the rest being carrot, celery, and or cucumbers or other non green vegetables, and then if needed add a little bit of apple for seasoning, because you are making recipes, juicing recipes, and of course you want your recipes to taste good.

I got many recipes from Jay Kordich, who was better known as the juiceman, and then later became the godfather of juicing.

The best lemonade is one quarter of an organic lemon with a few apples, you will be amazed at the taste.

Also carrot, celery, spinach and maybe a small piece of an apple is also good and extremely nutritious.

I sometimes throw in a clove of garlic in some of my juice for additional immune support during colds and flu season.


You will eventually come up with your own favorite recipes.


Juicing is great for kids tooShould Kids Drink Juice

Juicing is a great way to introduce vegetables to children and to get your older kids to consume them with no complaints. Stick with the mild greens for kids though, such as spinach and lettuce and make sure you have apples.

Try to always buy organic

Organic is very important when juicing. Because You are consuming much more concentrated pesticides if you juice non organic.

Organic is more expensive, but in my opinion very much worth it.

In fact it is so important that it is worth while trying to find other things to cut in your budget to allow for the purchase of organic fruits and vegetables.

Juice in the store is not the same as freshly made juice that you made yourself, not in taste,and definitely not even close in nutrition.

When juicing always drink immediately after making, juice starts losing nutrition soon after making.

I would like to hear all about your juicing experiences, and also your recipes.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a wonderful healthy day.

Start juicing and enjoy the wonderful health benefits!





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