What Is A Perfect Food? No, It’s Not Milk!

The more I learned about different plant food, I came to the conclusion that there is one that could be called a perfect food. So when I asked myself “What is a perfect food?”, my answer would be “A food that will provide the nourishment to sustain life.”

Are you constantly looking for information that will help you kick your diet up a notch. There are some healthy foods out there, but when you have a food that alone could sustain life this should be all over the news. Keep reading to find out more!

Doctors That Truely Look At The ScienceDoctor Of Natural Health

There are doctors that look at the science. These are the doctors I love to follow and learn from.

These doctors also look at generations of people who thrived on the correct diet. Many of them have also used it in their practice, with incredible results.

If mainstream medicine could ever come up with a drug that would get these same results, it would be heard all over the news, because there would be a lot of money to be made.

But there is no money to be made correcting a person’s diet, so the voice of this true science is not near as loud as it should be.

But it is getting louder, thanks to these great men who carry the torch.
Some of these great doctors are Dr. John Mcdougall, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and Dr. Michael Klaper. These men “walk the walk”. Some are up there in age too, and still look fantastic. More proof that they speak the truth.
When these Doctors speak, I listen with both ears. Because these men have devoted their careers to learning what science says is the best way to live a long healthy life. A life free of disease. They talk about the only kinds of food we should consume. There are constant debates about diet.

But I noticed these men rely on the science and are not just giving their opinions or belief. They also eat this way and are reaping the results. Great results. They also have their family eating the same way.
The diet these great men endorse is also the diet I consume. I am forever grateful to these great doctors who helped me tremendously over the years, through the books that they have written, the tireless research they have done and reported accurately and the YouTube videos and websites they have created to reach out to people like you and me who need this information so badly.
Please make me a promise and as you learn and apply things you learn from me to share whenever possible to people that are willing to learn.

A Perfect Food

I bet when I tell you are going to say “what”, but when you hear more about it you will also have to agree.



What Is A Perfect Food



The perfect food I am talking about is “The Potato”. You could actually live solely off of them, for extended periods.  They are a power house of nutrition.

Now I don’t mean french fries made in grease, or potato chips deep-fried.

What I mean is baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, hash browns, mashed potatoes, etc. None of these are to be made with oil and no bad toppings such as sour cream, yogurt, etc.

Mashed potatoes could be made with some unsweetened almond milk and a little Himalayan salt.

When these potatoes are made and eaten this way, they provide your body with just about everything it needs to sustain life. There have been some cases of people going on a potato only diet for a year, to “Lose Weight” and have done exceptionally well with blood work and body scans to determine the results.

I make potatoes a big part of my diet and you should too.

Also knowing this information about the great potato should comfort you in knowing that if you are ever caught in a social situation, for example in a non vegan friendly restaurant, and have slim choices, a baked potato is usually always available along with maybe some steamed vegetables.

You will have the confidence that you are getting a great balanced meal thanks to the potato.

Need To Lose A Few Pounds?

If you know anyone who needs to lose weight and think they have tried everything, maybe you could educate them on the potato diet. No counting calories is needed, and there are so many different ways to prepare them. You could be a hero.

The results will speak for themselves.

So next time someone asks “What is a perfect food?” you will know what to say. It is the great Potato.

You need to start including this perfect food in your diet.

Have a wonderful healthy day




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