What Is A Vegan Raw Food Diet? My Experience

The Vegan Raw Food Diet can be a very nutritious diet if done properly. But like any diet there is a learning curve.

Where Do I Start?


You need to start out by learning more about it.

You don’t just jump into a pool and then later start take swimming lessons, you will drown.

Same with this diet, you need to learn how to prepare the food, know what to eat, and know what appliances you may need, before taking this journey, or you may fail.

I’ve had many people ask me what is a vegan raw food diet. So I thought I would explain it here in my blog.

My Experiences

Years ago I wanted to try eating this way, so I just jumped right in and started eating all raw salads and fruit. I was eating healthy food, but I started losing weight that I didn’t need to lose. I wasn’t getting enough calories.

You may be thinking that you could stand to lose a few pounds, but the problem is you will be hungry.

And If you are not satisfied with your meal, eventually you will start cheating.

I was so hungry all the time, and I started getting very frustrated when I didn’t know what to eat.

I started adding nuts and seeds to boost calories. I also heard about raw nut butters, but I had trouble finding them.

I didn’t know that I could make my own.

There are also raw breads available now, that you can make yourself.

I am sure you heard about smoothies. You can make delicious and healthy whole meal smoothies.

You need a good blender. The one that I use is the Vitamix.

In my opinion it is the best. I have tried others and some will work but not as well as the Vitamix. They also will not last as long.

Anyways as I stuck with raw for a while, continuing to try to learn as much as I could.

I read all I could find about it, Jay Kordich “Juiceman” was probably where I learned the most about eating raw at the time. I didn’t have a computer back then.


I learned from him who just happened to be a vegan raw foodist, that eating 100% raw is not necessary, and most that try usually fail. You can actually eat some lightly cooked food, but still be considered a raw foodist at about 75% raw in the winter and maybe upward up 85% raw in the warmer months.

This was so much more doable especially for my cereal and whole grains and bean cravings. I also learned that just juicing counts as your raw consumption.

I then started mostly juicing my raw vegetables and eating raw fruit.

These days I am probably about 50 percent raw and 50 percent cooked. There is hardly any effort on my part to accomplish this since I have been doing it for so long now.

I don’t like to go any lower than 50% raw to make sure I am getting an abundance of live enzymes. One way to achieve this is approximately One large glass of freshly made juice for every meal you consume. Try to have salads too though. Because juicing doesn’t have too much fiber.

Research isn’t clear but they say enzymes start to degrade at around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. And some say that at 118 degrees they are completely destroyed. So that is why I have always depended on making my own fresh raw vegetable juice to get my intake of live enzymes.

What Food Should Not Be Eaten Raw?.

There are some foods you may not want to consume raw.

Potatoes are not a good choice. But I have juiced sweet potatoes mixed with other vegetables with great results.

Eggplant should be cooked as well.

Some people juice their favorite salad vegetables and then mix with apples.

Grains should be cooked.

I have eaten whole oats without cooking but they are steamed.

Make sure to cook steel cut oats,

Beans need to be cooked except for sprouts.

If you are ever unsure if a food is safe to eat raw, just ask me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I don’t have all the answers but I will do my best to help you in any way I can.

Are My Food Choices Limited?

Yes, if you want to go 100% raw. But much more flexible if you eat some cooked.with your raw.

Check some of my other posts, especially this one on Super Salads and how to make them. This is another great way to eat raw and cooked at the same meal.

How Do I Keep My Calories Up?

Do Vegans Eat Nuts

Nuts and seeds period. Check out my post, Do Vegans eat nuts? 


What Can I Eat?

There are many things available for you to eat, but you must always have food on hand. I remember when I tried going 100% raw, it was so frustrating when I would get hungry and realize all I could eat were raw vegetables or fruit. I wanted a sandwich and it was frustrating knowing I “couldn’t” eat one.


Even the way I eat now, I always make sure I have things on hand that I can whip something up fast, this is the key. When traveling, take homemade bean burgers along with a salad with you.

I always have nuts or seeds with some dried fruit, such as raisins, figs, and/or dates. You need to have a cooler with you, it will become your best friend when traveling.

How To Prepare Meals?

Your meals can be prepared ahead of time to make it easier for you especially being new at all this. You could have a huge Super Salad already made.

An Ipot or Instant pot is an electric pressure cooker that makes things very easy for you.

It makes rice, beans and soups, oatmeal, etc along with your freshly made juices and salads. I pack mine when we travel, since it is like having multiple appliances in one convenient package. It is also a slow cooker.

A lot of raw foodists have dehydrators too. This is their oven. I had one years ago, but never used it much. They have improved very much over the years. Dehydrated food keeps very well, and can be very useful for traveling and/or every day use. But again you must be prepared, because it can take 10 or more hours to dehydrate. They cook on very low temperatures, leaving live enzymes. They can be great if used properly.

Can I Eat In Restaurants?

Sure, but at non friendly vegan restaurants you may be limited to poor choice salads made with iceberg lettuce. You could order cooked vegan food side dishes such as baked potatoes and maybe rice, and some vegetables. Just make sure you tell them you are vegan, as some restaurants make their rice with chicken broth.

Is This A Healthy Diet And Lifestyle?

Yes it can be. Some people with very serious diseases have triumphed with this diet. But if you are generally fairly healthy and looking to go 100% raw, I think you are better off starting with cooked vegan food and salads or juices. Then once you get good at eating cooked vegan with some raw, you can transition a little more into raw land if you want.

Some raw foodists do great on it. But please, do not go, pardon the pun, “cold turkey” because there is definitely a learning curve.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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