What Is Healthy About Vegan? – Some Things Are Not

In this article I am getting more into the nitty gritty of the vegan diet.

Sometimes I Hesitate To Call Myself A Vegan

I hesitate sometimes calling myself a vegan when someone asks me, not because I am embarrassed or anything but because I was listening to a few doctors giving talks on eating this way, when they were asked if they were vegan. The doctor responded and said he doesn’t like the word “vegan” because it only is telling what he doesn’t eat, not what he does eat.

I thought about this long and hard, and I tend to agree.

There are so many highly processed vegan products these days. And I see a lot of vegans eating these products. The vegan diet is not just about eating non meat items, because highly processed vegan food is no better than eating other highly processed food, whether it is vegan or not. If you want to eat a health promoting vegan diet, then you must eat most if not all whole plant foods. Meaning only consume food as close to its original form that is found in nature.

There are some more mildly processed foods that are OK, in fact Dr Michael Greger says as long as nothing bad has been added and nothing good has been taken away.

Years ago when I became a vegan there wasn’t near as many highly processed vegan foods. Now I watch as so many of these products are loaded into peoples shopping carts. More and more vegans are buying these not knowing that their bodies are getting weaker as a result of eating them.

If someone should ask you what is healthy about vegan, make sure also to tell them what is not healthy about it too.

When someone finds out I am vegan, I hear horror stories about someone they knew who was vegan but was sick all the time or just looked terrible, or they themselves were vegan but never felt good until they went back to eating animal products.

I wanted to reach out and help them but they are so convinced now that the vegan diet was the problem that I know they would not listen.

Highly processed foods are man made, and devoid of the nutrients that were in its original form.

An example would be white rice, it is lacking the essential nutrients that are naturally found in brown rice.

Brown rice still has fiber and B vitamins and many phytonutrients. This is what your body needs and uses to build healthy cells.

White rice needs to be fortified, and may only have a few synthetic vitamins that are added back in. This is not even close to the whole grain brown rice.

I got into this diet because it is so health promoting, but only “ if “you follow a whole plant food consumption, and stay away from highly processed things.

Follow these rules, and you will be giving your body everything it needs to be healthy!

Why I Promote This Diet?

I promote this diet because It is proven by science to promote health. It has been used to even reverse health problems.

In fact it is the only diet scientifically proven to reverse the number one killer which is heart disease. This alone should want people to examine this diet for themselves. But some people are so emotionally attached to a way of eating, that they refuse to stray away from recipes that have been handed down to them from their family ancestors. Even if these foods may be harming them.

I had recipes that I liked myself, but as I was learning a healthier way to eat, I gave them up. You can make vegan equivalents in some cases by just omitting the meat and harmful ingredients, and using similar spices.

You’ll also experience how delicious whole plant food can be. Your taste buds will no longer crave the bad stuff. You will start to look at food in a different way. You feel better. You will look for new recipes to replace the old ones.

Your refrigerator will take on a whole new-look inside. You will look back and talk about the way you used to eat, and be ever so grateful for the way you are eating now. Your family doctor may notice a difference too, when your health starts improving. You may find chores that were hard to do before but now feel kind of easier. You may feel more energy.

These and many more wonderful things you may experience on this great whole-food-plant-based journey.

I am grateful every day that I follow this diet. I honestly do not miss any of the things that I used to eat. I have so many new favorite foods that replaced them, and that are healthy for me.

Do I Eat Vegan All The Time?

Yes of course, there is no other way to eat in my book. I mean, I love the foods, I feel great, I am healthy, I never go hungry.

There is so much variety.

The food can be lower cost. This diet can be for everybody, from the couch potato to the elite athlete. Yes you can build muscle on this diet, for all the high protein consuming bodybuilders out there.

It can be for growing children to the elderly. It can provide your body with the nutrition it needs, whole-food-plant-based-nutrition.

Do I Need Supplementation?

If you are consuming Dr Michael Greger’s Daily dozen checklist, I talk about it in another post called Vegan Diet Guidelines, it includes a little bit of supplementation such as Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D. But most everything you need can be achieved through whole-plant foods and in a package that doesn’t contain any bad things for your body.

I don’t know of any other diet that can make claim to this.

A Diet For Everyone

The whole-food-plant-based diet is the diet for everyone. Check out my other vegan posts such as What is the vegan diet and many others.

Be a regular reader of my posts to learn all you can about this wonderful diet.

Please share my website with other people that want to learn about eating this way, so they too can reap all the benefits of a whole-food-plant-based diet.

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